Training & Development

RecruitTek has admittance to the world's major talent pool, which is considered the best in the recruiting world...

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IT Consulting Services

To achieve their growth objectives, our clients may need to hire professionals on a project or on a limited...

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Cloud Computing Services

The cloud generally is perceived to have some form of the computing that is outside of IT...

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Outsourcing Software Support

We offer our clients seamless methods of on-site, off-site project outsourcing options that not...

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Business Processs Outsourcing

RecruitTek is capable of providing a dedicated team of professionals equipped with appro...

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SAP Advisory Services

We offer SAP Advisory Services to Corporate and Government Sectors in Canada & US...

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Outsourcing/Software Support

We offer our clients seamless methods of on-site, off-site , and off-shore project outsourcing options that not only free them to focus their internal efforts and resources, but also allow them to reap the benefits of:

Using proven methodologies and coupled with successful project management, RecruitTek's highly experienced technical manpower provide the following:

RecruitTek's professionals are proficient in working with several technologies including E-Business, Data Warehousing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Web Site Design and Development, Client/Server Applications, and Legacy Applications. RecruitTek has the capability to develop and deliver these services onsite and offsite as well as offshore.

Why Outsource?

With ongoing technological advances, employees no longer need to be in the same office, or even in the same country. So why do small companies continue to extend their working hours or limit their growth? Usually, it's a fear of incurring additional expenses and taking on additional risk. Additionally, employee costs that didn't exist 20 years ago (technology, internet, rising health insurance, risk management, quality control, customer service) have increased the complexity and expense of running a business. So, how can companies off set these costs without sacrificing quality? How can they grow their business without having to move offices or hire expensive employees? How can they increase margins on services? While, the answer is simple (Outsourcing), the solution is not. RecruitTek ensures that your firm receives a comprehensive solution with management, quality assurance and customer services.

So what has led to the mass globalization and outsourcing in the past decade?
RecruitTek's cost savings is irrefutable. What else will our service do for you?