Training & Development

RecruitTek has admittance to the world's major talent pool, which is considered the best in the recruiting world...

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IT Consulting Services

To achieve their growth objectives, our clients may need to hire professionals on a project or on a limited...

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Cloud Computing Services

The cloud generally is perceived to have some form of the computing that is outside of IT...

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Outsourcing Software Support

We offer our clients seamless methods of on-site, off-site project outsourcing options that not...

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Business Processs Outsourcing

RecruitTek is capable of providing a dedicated team of professionals equipped with appro...

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SAP Advisory Services

We offer SAP Advisory Services to Corporate and Government Sectors in Canada & US...

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Professional Staffing Services

RecruitTek specializes in the areas of Accounting,Engineering ,Finance,Petroleum and other fields.

RecruitTek has admittance to the world's major talent pool, which is considered the best in the recruiting world. Powered by years of experience in the software product development domain, we at RecruitTek have acquired extensive knowledge about technology staffing, which we now put to use by offering our professional staffing services to extend proficiency, fluently.

Professional Staffing Acquisitions at RecruitTek have always been worthy candidates who were already experts in their chosen field, with flawless track record, admirable educational background, certifications, and relevant experience. All this is to provide you assurance that the work done on our clients projects is delivered within the promised time frame. This superior technology skill continues to provide our Offshore Software Development services as good quality and cost-effective.

RecruitTek starts its own Professional Staffing Services with an assurance to let you find the best candidates for your organization as we do for our own.

Being specialized in the field of recruiting , we shall offer to the industries manpower needs worldwide. Consultants chosen by us will go through a rigorous technical examination and rounds of interviews to ensure their proficiency. Our placement process will be fair, unbiased and focused on your needs. We would offer you the best candidates after going through your specific requirements. We ensure you to get the best persons who are efficient in their particular field.

Strategic Staffing Solutions at RecruitTek ensure that you save your precious time and resources and invest them where your immediate attention is required. Meanwhile, we study the requirements of your business and understand your business culture to invite candidates, interview them, run background checks and check references and finally present to you aspirants that we think are the best. The final decision lies with you.

Project Roles : Customer requests come to RecruitTek across all areas of the implementation lifecycle. Roles RecruitTek has filled include

RecruitTek holds the ability to deliver multiple skill sets fast, efficiently and in a smooth manner. We hire the right people to join your workforce. RecruitTek has brilliant business insight, technical knowledge as it has successfully served millions of software and website development organizations across globe, we offer best services through contacts to offer best advantage to your workplace by our technology staffing.